Facebook Introduces New “See First” Feature

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Posted 2 years ago


FacebookIf you’ve ever had complaints about the precise lack of control of what you can see at the top of your news feed in Facebook, you may enjoy the latest feature from the social media network.

The company is now testing a new feature entitled “See First”.

Available since Friday, the feature allows a user to see the content that they want from friends and other pages atop their news feed.

The new twist is a potential improvement on the way Facebook users can filter the content they see on their feed from friends and do away with posts that they may find annoying from others.

In the past, Facebook has applied certain changes to this part of the platform in response to user complaints about having to unfriend people or other situations that could make things highly awkward.

“See First” looks to possibly be a great step and much needed addition to the news feed preferences that many have wanted from Facebook.

Christopher A. Smith


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