Facebook iOS Update Adds Auto-Playing Videos

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook iOS Update Adds Auto-Playing VideosAccording to a report from The Verge, Facebook has been at it again, rolling out yet another update for its iOS app; however, unlike the majority of the other updates which change very little in terms of user experience, this latest release introduces something rather major.

From today, Facebook for iOS will automatically play videos when you scroll past them. Some of you will like this feature; many more of you will hate it – especially given some of the video content that appears on news feeds. Either way there is nothing you can do about it.

When you encounter a video on your timeline, the video will instantly play without sound. If you like the content you can tap on the clip to turn on the audio – if not, simply scroll on by. What will really irritate users who do not like this feature is the fact that Facebook does not provide any way of opting out. It is possible to limit playback by setting videos play only on a Wi-fi connection, but there is no option to stop auto-play completely.

Both Vine and Instagram already use automatically playing videos, but in the case of Facebook – a service with hundreds of millions more users – the feature will be most beneficial to advertisers who will now be able to draw more attention to products.

It’s not all bad though.

If you are a musician or vlogger, auto-play will allow more people to watch the videos you upload, with the motion aspect catching the eye of the user – that is, of course, if they do not get irritated and delete you from their Friends list.

Facebook version 6.8 is available to download now from the iTunes App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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