Facebook Launches “Call Now” Button For Newsfeed Ads

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Posted 2 years ago


FacebookProving that it is not only willing to adapt to the now, but willing to add their own twist to it, Facebook has released a new feature that will allow for more connection between users and businesses on the social media platform’s app.

Facebook has now made it possible for businesses to add a “call now” button to their profile and their newsfeed advertisements.

This new feature had been rolled out slowly since last October, and helps reinforce their willingness to embrace newer innovations.

All a user has to do is hit the button within the ad and their phone will immediately dial the number of the business.

This newer development comes soon after Facebook’s implementation of GPS-based directions within the app, and looks to make the platform a more inviting outlet for businesses to cultivate a bigger base of customers.

More information can be found at their page for businesses.

Christopher A. Smith


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