Facebook Launches Instant Articles News Publishing Service

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Posted 2 years ago


FacebookGiven that many people are getting their news updates thanks to their social media networks, it should come as no surprise that these same social media outlets would keep a keen eye on how to deliver quality news articles and anecdotes under their brand. And in this vein, Facebook, Inc. has finalized a deal with nine of the top global media outlets to deliver news content directly through the platform.

Recent reports disclose that this group consists of New York Times Co., National Geographic, Buzzfeed Inc., The Atlantic, NBC News, along with the European outlets of Bild, The Guardian, Der Spiegel and BBC News.

The partnership will see the world’s largest social network deliver original news articles in full instead of being presented via links in a new feature called Instant Articles. That way, users can get to read news stories in full right within their news feed.

Facebook has slowly been tinkering with their newsfeed and interface to accommodate this move, and they have also steadily cut down the amount of ‘clickbait’ that takes visitors to third-party sites.

Some insiders feel that this move will be a boon to publishers who have struggled with maintaining a subscriber base and the loss of revenue due to a decline in demand for print.

It also marks a key turning point for journalism in the digital age. As Professor Mitchell Stevens of the journalism department at New York University says, “Journalism comes from many directions. News organizations have got to allow themselves to be driven by different winds.’

Christopher A. Smith


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