“Facebook Lite” Launched

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Posted 2 years ago


"Facebook Lite" LaunchedFacebook has decided to extend its worldwide reach in a more pragmatic way, and with a slimmed-down look to it.

In an effort to reach more people in the developing world, Facebook has created a version that is devoid of many of the features that millions have come to associate with the social media platform. Dubbed “Facebook Lite”, it is designed to function on phones at the lower end of the mobile spectrum.

Standing in at a diminutive 1 MB, the app gets pretty crafty at giving a user the Facebook experience – one facet involves downloading photos at lower quality rates to make sure the app still retains its speed and won’t strain the lesser data connectivity of the phone.

It’s all part of the company’s push to get better Internet access for areas within South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

They discreetly launched the app in January in Nigeria, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Nepal to great success and now plan to issue a wider release soon.

The app is free of charge, and currently only available on Android devices although some close to the Facebook wouldn’t rule out an iOS version down the line.

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