Facebook Messenger Adds 100 Million Users In Past Three Months

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Posted 2 years ago


FacebookIt looks like the Facebook Messenger service is a smashing success.

At their annual shareholders meeting, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the service now had a user tally of 700 million.

That number rose over the past three months since March, with 100 million signing up within that period.

It’s a success for Facebook, which has spent a considerable amount of time and effort into making Messenger as a standalone social platform in its own right.

Part of that appeal also lies in the fact that Facebook began to allow third-party companies to create apps for the service back in March.

David Marcus, the chief of the Messenger service also reported that the app has reached one billion downloads on Android devices.

While industry experts do look at the numbers with a slight touch of skepticism, the news does give weight to how many have flocked to Messenger.

It bolsters Facebook’s position very nicely, as does their other social media platforms like the recently acquired messaging service WhatsApp and the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Christopher A. Smith


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