Facebook Pandering To All Ten Genders?

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook Pandering To All Ten Genders? So, it’s not enough to have a male or female choice of gender, and as of Thursday, the English-language version of Facebook’s site will pander to the other choices, including “transgender” and “intersex” and “fluid”

Facebook said (and who would that be?): “We want you to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self”

This will change a lot of things, as liberal, left leanings, woven into the fabric of FB, will now offer options that cause a “their” wall as opposed to “his” or “her” wall. If I don’t explain it well, I guess I am not the man for the job of posting what raises the hackles on my knuckles.

How about the ability to edit the Facebook Private Messaging chat box after sending text?

I guess Facebook’s priorities are a little screwy.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of “zucking up”.

Rich Casale


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