Facebook Plans to Introduce Home Switch in Android App

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Posted 4 years ago

Facebook Plans to Introduce Home Switch in Android AppFacebook hosted its first annual shareholder meeting yesterday, with Mark Zuckerberg taking the time to address stock performance concerns and assuring investors that he has big plans for the company going forward, particularly where Facebook Home is concerned.

It’s fair to say that, despite a big build up and unveiling, Facebook Home has not proven the success that Facebook hoped it would be. Many users feel that the new Facebook interface is too intrusive and provides more of the big blue social network than they really need to see. Zuckerberg, though, says that he still has big plans in store for the suite.

When asked by shareholders about the adoption of Home on Android, Zuckerberg said, “We haven’t really made our big push yet… [The] biggest thing that we’re going to do once we feel that we’re ready is to encourage people who have the Facebook app to go turn this on from within the app.”

Facebook Home received 1 million downloads within its first month on Android – a number that would be impressive for many apps, but one that represents only a small percentage of the company’s user base. However, distribution has been scaled back in order to address a few kinks and the Facebook chief admitted that, while Home is the first version of Facebook to be designed purely for mobile, “there was no real way we were going to get everything right the first time.”

Facebook Home releases a new version on Android every month and Zuckerberg says that users with the app installed are spending more time on Facebook as a result.

With popularity steadily declining, Facebook could have easily taken the decision to ditch Home. However, with the new toggle on and off from within the Facebook app feature, it seems like the “new Home on Android” company are committed to making the venture a success.

 – Anthony Carter

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