Facebook Releases Alpha Testing Program for Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Facebook Releases Alpha Testing Program for AndroidBack in June, Facebook introduced a beta program, giving the chance for keen Facebook for Android users to help test upcoming software before release. According to the social network, that program has been a success, with “over 1 million daily active users from over 150 countries” and more than 1,000 pieces of feedback per day. On the back of this fruitful program, Facebook is now on the lookout for a new army of even braver testers, by introducing a new alpha testing program.

If you think dealing with the bugs and crashes in beta testing was tough work, alpha testing will be a real eye-opener, and enrolling on the program will certainly take some patience.

“Alpha is not for the faint of heart — features will come and go, crashes will be introduced and fixed, and designs may go through many iterations,” said Facebook’s head of mobile release engineering, Christian Legnitto, in a blog post. Because we are continually testing and experimenting on alpha, the Facebook for Android app that alpha users test will look and behave differently than what ultimately gets shipped in a general release.”

Alpha testers will get access to a Facebook app that is updated multiple times a week and will have to be prepared for some pretty scary work, with bugs and crashes plentiful. However, should you choose to accept the invitation, your work will be critical in ensuring the rest of us Android users get the best possible Facebook app.

If you want to join the brigade of alpha testers, you need to first join the dedicated Facebook Google group and gain access to an exclusive Google Play Store page. From there you will be able to download alpha versions of the software by selecting “Become a Tester.”

You can find out more details on the program here. And, for those of you signing up – good luck!

– Anthony Carter

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