Facebook Soon Won’t Need Photos To Recognize You

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Posted 2 years ago


FacebookThere may soon be no need for clear photographs to have someone be recognized by Facebook.

Recent reports state that the social media network is in the process of developing new technology that will be able to identify someone even if their face isn’t fully presented in the photograph that’s uploaded. In order to bring the process along, Facebook wound up scanning public photos from Flickr – 40,000 plus to be exact.

The pictures mainly had people’s faces in the frame and out of it.

The scanning was powered by an algorithm that assessed different attributes of the individuals that included hair and body type.

The testing results found that the algorithm identified people with an 83% rate of accuracy.

Facebook’s hope is that the algorithm will eventually get out of the testing phase with more success and become a part of the company’s growing application suite.

The company has shifted some of their development focus to photos of late, with their acquisition of Instagram being a prime example. So if this comes to pass, those late night photo mishaps with your buddies could be documented properly for all to share.

Christopher A. Smith


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