Facebook to Launch ‘New Home on Android’

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Posted 4 years ago

Facebook to Launch ‘New Home on Android’Late Thursday (March 28, 2013) afternoon Facebook sent out an invitation to the media asking them to attend an event on Thursday, April 4th at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters where a “new home on Android” will be revealed.

Nobody other than Mark Zuckerberg and his team has any firm idea what this means, although, possibilities include a new revamped Facebook Android app, a modified Android OS, or some of its own hardware.

The internet has been full of speculation about a Facebook smartphone for years, and any kind of media invite like this is always going to bring rumors back to the fore. However, the release of a mod-Android OS seems to carry more weight.

According to sources at TechCrunch, an Android phone running a modified version of the Google operating system will be featured on an HTC device and will include a Facebook home screen with news stories, and easy access Facebook apps. TechCrunch’s sources have also been backed up by 9 to 5 Google, who suggest that an advertising campaign for the OS is already in the works.

It is likely that the custom Android will be something similar to HTC Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz, skimming over the original OS and integrating Facebook functions. Facebook has already built up a nice portfolio of apps that will certainly work well on a device of their own, such as voice and video chat, email and a cross-messaging platform. However, with the company keen to be on every operating system, and Mark Zuckerberg’s stark denial that a Facebook phone would ever be released, it does seem that hardware is unlikely.

We won’t know what exactly is happening at the event until April 4, or until some “sources” speak out. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

– Anthony Carter

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