Facebook Updates Messenger App for iOS and Android

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook Updates Messenger App for iOS and AndroidGoogle has long harbored a desire to be the number one mobile instant messaging service on the market and, in the wake of Blackberry’s hugely successful BBM launch, the company has rolled out a new version of its Messenger app for iOS and Android users everywhere.

The social network originally announced the update for the standalone Facebook Messenger app back in October, immediately going into testing with a limited number of Android users. At the time, there was no word on when the rest of the Android population would get it, or if iOS would receive any update at all. Fortunately for both, it has taken just a matter of weeks for the app to launch on each platform.

With the new app, there is no longer a feeling that Messenger is simply an extension of the Facebook experience, something that brings the service to the level that Apple’s iMessage and Google’s Hangouts are operating at.

The most notable change with the update is the ability for users to send messages to anyone in their contacts that has the Messenger app, even if that person is not a friend on Facebook. Next to the profile picture of each of your friends that uses the service, there will now be a small Messenger icon, this is designed to make contacting them faster by letting others know that you will see any messages instantly.

“As more and more people use Facebook to connect with their friends on mobile, we are focused on building the best mobile products,” said Facebook. “Facebook messaging started as a desktop chat experience, but when it comes to messaging on mobile, people want something faster and lighter weight.”

There are also improvements to the overall navigation of the app, with the accessing of settings and recent conversations made much easier.

The overhaul of the app is part of Facebook’s mobile-to-mobile philosophy and its aim to create the “the best experience we can provide on phones.”

– Anthony Carter


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