Facebook Updates SDK for Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Facebook Updates SDK for AndroidBack in April, Facebook rolled out a major update to SDK for iOS that brought with it a host of new features for developers including Open Graph integration and Share Dialog. As always seems to be the case, Android was made to wait for the same update; thankfully, that wait is finally over.

In a blog post about the update, Facebook software engineer Chris Lang said that 73% of top 100 grossing Android apps integrate with Facebook and with the release of new products, the social network is “excited to see even more high quality mobile apps integrate with Facebook to engage with our 800+ million mobile users.”

So what of the new features? Well, Lang took the time to detail each in his blog post. The first, Share Dialog for Android, simplifies sharing, eliminating the need to login to Facebook first. With a single line of code, users will be able to share content much quicker, removing three extra steps from the process.

The other major feature is Object API, which facilitates the integrating of Open Graph into Android apps without having to rely on a hosted web page. Facebook has also taken the time to redesign the login user interface, which now looks much better and is easier to use without any code changes. The company also says that testing has shown the new UI to covert at a higher rate.

Chris Lang went on to explain that developers will now have the ability to measure the aggregate number of times a predefined action was taken within an app, which will help them understand the engagement and ROI coming from mobile ads on Facebook.

The updated Facebook SDK for Android is available to download now from the Facebook Developers page.

– Anthony Carter

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