Facebook Users Used Like Guinea Pigs As Test Ads Commence In Newsfeed

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook Users Used Like Guinea Pigs As Test Ads Commence In NewsfeedThe popular social network, Facebook, will start its video advertising campaign as the week moves along. Users can expect, what Facebook are deeming a test run, as they promise that’s all that it is, video advertisements in their newsfeeds.

The video content is to be promoting “Divergent”, which is a film series that is expected to debut soon.

In the lingo of Facebook, do you “like” this turn of events? Or maybe you want to “sympathize” with Facebook friends as that is an idea floating around for a new button, you may know.

I just thought of those annoying posts I allowed to slip into my news stream that attempt to tug on my heartstrings as select holy rollers try to cajole me into typing “Amen” like religious robot tapping the Kool-Aid.

Translation: Facebook is going to make money advertising “Divergent” and bother loyal Facebook users with advertisements of a movie many won’t have the slightest interest in to begin with.

Please reply a comment to this article by (simply) typing “Amen” if you want to speak out as to an option being made available to be left out of this test. Let us stop them from knee-jerk goings-on that directly affect users before Facebook fast becomes one of the following: Spamface/Spambook.

Rich Casale


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