Facebook Warnings For Extreme Violence

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook Warnings For Extreme ViolenceFacebook has posted warnings where they find it is necessary to let users know about impending scenes of decapitations and other extremely violent graphic content.

It is remarkable that they are allowing the clips to be posted at all to FB, as there had been a temporary ban on posting such material. The ban was introduced in May.

The addition of warning messages comes amidst U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s fierce, though well-intoned, criticism leveled at Facebook.

It wasn’t enough to add warnings, (coming as no surprise to this American writer), as spoken out on afterwards by a Facebook Safety Advisory Board member from the UK.

This article has barely scratched the surface of what the digital rights group, La Quadrature Du Net has rightly termed “privatized censorship” on the part of Facebook.

Here’s a loaded question for Facebook: Now what about sex?

Rich Casale


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