Facebook’s Android TV Guide

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook's Android TV GuideIf you are using Facebook’s Android application you know that you can be setting reminders for your favorite shows. Facebook wants to get people to start talking about broadcast TV as they are watching their faves.

Twitter has already been doing its part in partnering cohesively with TV providers. Twitter has features in place such as a trending TV content box, a function that allows bits and pieces of live TV in the stream, along with a Comcast partnership.

Facebook’s TV partnerships have been building competitively. The analysis of Dancing With The Stars has been going on as the show aired. Stats and information that have been broadcast live on the air made it to Facebook. Facebook runs Q&As with celebrities and shows and setting up hashtags as well as trending topics.

Facebook wants to be a media property.

That is a lofty goal where we must wait and see what happens.

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