Facebook’s Button Makeover

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Posted 4 years ago


Facebook's Button MakeoverGo to Facebook. Take a look on the left side of the screen.


Facebook now has done away with the thumbs up button in favor of a like button. It is a blue bar with the Facebook symbol and the word — like — written in a white color. This change makes perfect sense — if you have ever given someone a thumbs up, it has a different connotation than a like. A thumbs up is a symbol of affirmation and completeness. I believe it goes back to 2009 when Facebook instituted the like and share buttons. Just a year later Facebook’s like and share button would be widely regarded as hallmarks of the site.

So what comes as like a metaphorical angel on the fly, is that Facebook is additionally giving websites the choice of putting the like and share buttons together.

The thumbs up can still be employed though, by users, as I have stated in this article it has a different meaning. And the symbol can still be employed.

Rich Casale



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