Factory Worker In Germany Killed By Robot

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Posted 2 years ago


Google Patents Method To Embed Personalities Into RobotsFor fans of dystopian science fiction like “The Terminator”, an incident in Germany may have set off some alarms.

At a Volkswagen factory in Kassel, Germany, a 21 year old worker was killed while installing a robot.

The robot reportedly struck the worker in the chest during the installation, crushing him against a steel plate.

The young man died soon after.

News of the incident spread like wildfire across the Internet, and had some refer to it as the first ever recorded robot homicide.

A representative for Volkswagen stated that this was a robot that would normally work inside of a cage set apart from humans for safety.

The worker happened to be within that cage when the incident occurred.

The news also comes as more and more influential figures in the tech industries are questioning the safety of robots and artificial intelligence being used to the extent that they can surpass regulations and limitations placed on them by human controllers.

The incident has inspired some morbid comedy, especially concerning Sarah O’Connor, who first reported the situation and was assailed by those looking to make the tie-in to the heroine of “The Terminator” cinematic franchise.

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