Faecbook’s Moments App Uses Facial Recognition

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Posted 2 years ago


Faecbook's Moments App Uses Facial RecognitionFacebook’s latest application is looking to make those special times with your friends and family that much more tactile and easy to use.

On Monday, the social media company released their new Moments app.

Moments is an application that lets users create and share photos from their smartphones with their friends.

It’s not a standalone app; you’ll definitely need a Facebook account to use it.

It then hosts all of these photos in the cloud free of charge.

Moments also stores only the photos that you share, and not all that’s within your camera roll.

And it also utilizes facial recognition technology to identify all of your friends that may be in these photos.

The emphasis is on connectivity and the freedom to share and get an idea of how the photos are received thanks to a social graph.

Moments is the latest release from the in-house app creation studio known as Facebook Creative Labs that is their eighth since January of last year.

It’s now available for both iOS and Android devices.

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