FBI Personnel Files Breached In Recent OPM Hack

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Posted 2 years ago


The FBI Is Offering A $3 Million Reward For Information Leading To The Arrest Or Conviction Of This Russian Hacking SuspectThe recent cyberattack that compromised the servers containing information on federal employees may have also hit the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The attacks, which were first reported here and have led to the Office Of Personnel Management admitting that Social Security numbers of employees were exposed as well as other sensitive information in data packets on their servers, appear to have also affected agents with the F.B.I.

According to a source in the agency, the breach was the second such attack to affect them personally, with the first being via Anthem Blue Cross which took place last February.

The source says that they were notified by OPM last month that their information was compromised.

When pressed further, they did state that they weren’t sure that it was an agency-wide problem.

A wider breach of F.B.I. files would be a catastrophic danger to national security.

Speculation as to is behind these cyberattacks has fallen squarely on China’s doorstep.

While the White House has not officially stated that China was behind them, members of Congress have aired their suspicions.

Observers have their doubts of the breach as well as the veracity of the source.

Christopher A. Smith


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