FCC Boss Promotes Theft-Prevention Features For Smartphones

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Posted 2 years ago


FCC Halts Petition Intended To Delay Upcoming Net Neutrality Rule ChangesThe head of the Federal Communications Commission is making a pitch to smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers to add more strength to features that will prevent the theft of these devices.

In the full statement made by FCC head Tom Wheeler, he advised these companies to fully accept all of the recommendations made by the regulatory agency’s Technical Advisory Committee.

These recommendations include offering remote data-wiping, the ability to call 911 from the lock screen and locking by remote.

In addition, Wheeler also advocated that these features be offered free of charge.

The statement is designed to prod the wireless industry into implementing these actions within their policy.

It also is in some part fueled by consumers who have been frustrated at the lack of a consistent legal framework regarding these procedures and how it’s affected them thus far.

Of course, if the wireless carriers and smartphone makers began to implement these features, it would require some monitoring by users to ensure that they won’t have any miscommunication within their phone settings.

Christopher A. Smith


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