Find Street Parking With The INRIX On-Street Parking App

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Posted 2 years ago


AT&T Drives Forward With Connected CarsYour days of cursing and being frustrated over trying to find parking could possibly be lessened thanks to a new application on the scene.

A Washington-based company, INRIX, has released a new app that goes by the name of On-Street Parking.

The company, which specializes in collecting traffic data and data from collective car systems, plans to team with automotive manufacturers to have the service in their vehicles.

It’s reported that BMW will be the first to carry the On-Street Parking app within its ConnectedDrive suite of applications and services as was announced on Wednesday.

The app works using real-time data to give the user an idea of which streets would have freed-up parking spaces available.

Following the standard traffic light tri-color coding, prime spots and streets would be designated green, those less certain would be daubed in yellow and those horrible areas would be colored red.

The interface bears some similarities to other standard online mapping interfaces. INRIX’s app also provides users with other pertinent information like the cost of nearby parking garages and municipal parking meters.

The company also looks to not only partner with other auto makers like Audi and Ford, but they will also market to cities who want to ingest such data to get better ideas on how they can improve parking and related profits.

The app and service will be first offered in Cologne, Amsterdam, Seattle, Vancouver, Copenhagen and San Francisco when it will officially launch sometime before the end of the year.

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