Fingerprint Sensor Hot Stuff – HTC Follows Apple’s Lead

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Posted 4 years ago

Fingerprint Sensor Hot Stuff - HTC Follows Apple's LeadThe Taiwanese handset maker, HTC Corp. (2498) has unleashed a fingerprint sensor. HTC follows suit in the hot security technology feature stakes that Apple Inc. (APPL) has made paramount.

HTC boasts that its handset can automatically trigger an app depending on which finger is being scanned. While Apple already has put out its iPhone 5s equipped with a fingerprint sensor feature to enhance its security and help shore up security during content purchases, as of last month; HTC won’t release its new smartphone with fingerprint technology till  the end of this month (or perhaps a bit before).

HTC with its One Max will see the use on its smart device through with a Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) Snapdragon processor and Google Inc. (GOOG) Android 4.3 OS, in place. The HTC One, released February has the One Max  HTC’s UltraPixel camera technology onboard.

An interesting aside is that Apple’s fingerprint sensor is on the front, while HTC lodges their fingerprint sensor on the back, of their respective devices.

– Rich Casale

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