Firefox Users Are Upset About Pocket Integration

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Posted 2 years ago


Mozilla Patches Firefox Encryption FlawMozilla’s latest integration update for its Pocket tool has met with some brushback.

The company made the update to their Firefox browser last week.

Pocket is a managing service function that was previously an add-on.

It allowed a user to save articles, videos and websites so that they could look at them later.

While Mozilla was already in the midst of creating their own Reading List feature, they opted to make Pocket part of Firefox via integration.

The move garnered numerous complaints in forums like Google Groups.

The complaints were about the fact that Mozilla got away from its normal level of transparency and sprung this integration on users with no forewarning.

There were also objections to the integration on the idea that Pocket would’ve have been better remaining as an add-on plugin that users could enable or disable it easily if they wanted.

Mozilla has been attentive to these complaints made, and when asked for comment they stated: “All the code related to this integration within Firefox is open source and Pocket has licensed all the Firefox integration code under the MPLv2 license.”

On top of that, Pocket asked Mozilla for input on how to improve their policy, based on early comments from Mozillians.”

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