Fitness buffs: May The Fitbit Force Be-Wrist You

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Posted 4 years ago

Fitness buffs: May The Fitbit Force Be-Wrist YouFitbit has unleashed the $129.95 Fitbit Force, a bracelet that utilizes the company’s expert digital tracking know-how combining with some smartphone functionality.

Though the Force looks a whole lot like the company’s Fitbit Flex Bracelet, there is a new small OLED screen right on the band to give you the time and how many miles you have gone and how many steps you’ve taken.

Want to know how long you’ve slept? The calories you’ve burned? The steps you’ve taken and the distance you’ve gone? The Fitbit Force will let you know. And most of that information on the screen can be viewed via the Fitbit app via Bluetooth 4.0.

The Force is part of a crowded market, sandwiched by other fitness devices and new smartwatches, which include Fitbit’s own line of devices.

Fitbit has advised consumers “one size doesn’t fit all”.  And when you find the one that does, as detractors of the product have complained, you’ll need to look at your wrist a lot to chart your progress where the screen is.

– Rich Casale


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