Fitness tracker app Moves launches on Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Fitness tracker app Moves launches on AndroidMoves, the highly acclaimed fitness-tracking app, has arrived on Android.

Having originally launched for iOS back in January of this year, the app has amassed some 2.5 million users, and the Finnish makers will be hoping for similar results on Android.

Moves is brilliantly easy-to-use and requires no additional hardware – something that seems to have attributed greatly to its early success. You simply download the app and let it work away in the background, tracking your various activities, keeping a log of how far you run, walk, or cycle and delivering you the data in a clear and concise way.

“We believe Moves is the most popular activity tracker available as we’re tracking over two billion steps every day,” said Sampo Karjalainen, designer and CEO of Moves in a company press release published by Engadget.

“It is very difficult to beat the price and convenience of having the activity tracker in your phone. You simply download the app and leave it to track your daily movements. There’s no need to buy, charge, carry and sync one more device.”

Moves, like other fitness apps, uses GPS to track your movements and is able to identify meaningful locations such as your home, work, and gym. It will then take all of the information from your activity and place it in a convenient timeline.

Another great feature of the app is the fact that no registration or login is required; it really is just a case of installing and away you go.

“Smartphones are a great platform for mainstream activity tracking,” Karjalainen said. “There are already over billion iOS and Android devices on the market. Thanks to their location technology and processing power, we can show routes taken, places visited, and recognize cycling – something that activity tracking wristbands can’t do.”

If you are looking for a new free fitness app for your Android smartphone, it’s well worth checking out Moves. You can get the app today from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter

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