Fitwall Wants To Get You In Shape

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Posted 4 years ago


Fitwall Wants To Get You In ShapeIn  San Diego, California there exists Fitwall.

Gravity-based exercises brought to bear their results on iPads, hang over people working out. As a matter of fact, with this starter project, its all tech driven.

Strength, cardio, and flexibility in 40 minutes?

You bet.

After the 40 minutes are up, its time for coconut water and toweling off. The programming, the look of the gym, and the mood created by the lighting inside the facility are all carefully considered. With the right push forward, Fitwall could very well branch out into a lot of major cities across America.

A Fitwall mobile trailer with a head coach in tow is parked outside in a video I am watching right new that lasts about 7 minutes. The idea is that the trailer will make the rounds of some future prospect cities’ prime locations.

One coach I see on the screen seems very well-versed in the needs of both the newcomers to fitness training and those who have been working out for some time.

These young people at Fitwall talk fast, seem confident, and look healthy.  Fitwall reminds me of an old adage: “No pain, no gain”.  And from what I’ve seen, it sounds like a plan. Good luck, Fitwall.

Rich Casale


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