Fiverr Takes its Marketplace Mobile with New iOS App

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Posted 4 years ago


Fiverr Takes its Marketplace Mobile with New iOS App

Fiverr, the freelance service marketplace that lets people buy and sell one-off “gigs” for $5 apiece, is going mobile with a brand new app for iOS.

If you are unsure as to what Fiverr is all about, it’s basically a marketplace that allows users to connect with members of the Fiverr freelance community and purchase services (gigs) related to anything from blog writing and language translation to personalized songs and cartoon images.  There are currently over 3 million gigs online and each one starts at just $5 with various extras available for the purchase of additional gigs.

The new mobile app has been developed specifically for iOS 7 and is pleasing to look at and use. Fiverr has decided to go with heavy visuals in the design, which proves to be a great help when browsing gigs and looking at samples of work from sellers. All of the details of a gig can be viewed easily from inside an individual listing and any service that you like can be saved for easy return and shared via Twitter or email. The app lets you purchase and check the progress of gigs and, if you are a seller, you can access your account to monitor sales.

As part of the launch, Fiverr is running a limited-time promotion whereby first time users of the app can access a free gig worth $5 after an initial purchase.

“Purchase your first Gig using the Fiverr mobile App and you’ll be eligible to receive one free Gig worth $5 from a list of amazing Fiverr Gigs,” the company explained in a blog post.

“This offer is valid for first Gigs that are purchased within one hour after the app has been downloaded. The Free Gig will then be available within 2 weeks following your purchase of the first Gig.”

The Fiverr app is an essential download for anyone that currently uses the service and is a great way to welcome new users to the community. Fiverr says that the launch of the app marks a commitment to mobile that will continue throughout 2014, with an Android app also in the works.

– Anthony Carter


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