Flipboard Versus Pinterest

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Posted 4 years ago


Flipboard Versus PinterestFlipboard seems to be going for the same piece of the ecommerce market that Pinterest is already honing in on. Users making curated magazines that they collect and share on Flipboard, along with the prices is what Pinterest does already.

Flipboard allows users to create their own virtual publications, replete with a magazine style that fits their phones and tablets. The user gets what they like from different sources, which includes advertisements. The latest is that Flipboard has made it possible for its users to put advertisements and listings together for certain products and make it into a sort of catalog. This will widen Flipboard’s appeal across the board for both advertisers and buyers. It will also make Flipboard much like the model site, Pinterest.  Especially since Pinterest created “product pins” which have prices and other details and information so the consumer can make an educated buy.

Flipboard is to institute these new features on Monday. Brand name companies along with the users will create in the above-mentioned fashion.

Rich Casale


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