Foursquare Nets $35 Million: Enter DFJ’s Barry Shuler

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Posted 4 years ago


Foursquare Nets $35 Million: Enter DFJ's Barry ShulerNew York-based Foursquare have shown resilience, forbearance and resourcefulness. Resourceful, in that they netted the energetic Barry Schuler of DFJ Growth, who led the Series D round whereby Foursquare netted $35 million.

Foursquare are confident that the new passive awareness technologies point the way towards taking their company to a new level. Foursquare’s CEO Dennis Crowley, who is the co-founder, incidentally of the firm, can breathe a confident sigh of relief that the company didn’t cave in and become an acquisition of Apple or Yahoo. It was a fate for Foursquare that didn’t seem unlikely not too far back in time.

Foursquare’s social locale app can boast a community of 40 million people throughout the world.

Resilience, forbearance and resourcefulness are perhaps the top three attributes a successful business must have, as is my humble opinion, to endure and grow.

And New York is one heckuva place to be to do business. Just ask Donald Trump.

Rich Casale


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