Free Radio Comes To Google Play Music

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Posted 2 years ago


Users Can Now Pre-Register For Apps In The Google Play StoreGoogle is making a stealthy entry into the streaming music service industry in a bid to snare a position among established and future competitors.

The company announced that it will offer ad-supported radio through its existing Google Play Music service.

The feature will showcase stations based on the songs that users like and recommendations from another service, Songza, which makes playlists of songs based on user activities and moods.

Google is making the move to attract more users who either have never made use of the service, or, more frequently, have shunned the service once they first open it and view a prompt for payment, causing them to close the app.

Zahavah Levine, vice president of partnerships with Google Play, said in regards to the change: “We think that by giving users a taste of Google Play Music, through the ad-supported tier, more users will ultimately become paying subscribers.”

Despite that, the service has seen their amount of users increase mightily in the past year.

With their eyes on Apple gearing up for the release of their own streaming music service at the end of the month, Google is aiming to gain further ground in an already crowded field.

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