Fujitsu’s New App Can Read Your Pulse in Five Seconds

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Posted 4 years ago

Fujitsu’s New App Can Read Your Pulse in Five SecondsThose crazy and inventive minds over at Fujitsu have been at it again; this time announcing new imaging software that can measure a user’s pulse rate through a tablet or smartphone camera.

The Japanese company behind the concept Lifebook – a laptop that can store your smartphone, tablet and digital camera in one place – says that the technology can be used to monitor the health of employees, or detect people acting dishonestly, and it’s pretty ingenious.

Using the front-facing camera of a smartphone or tablet, the video-based system is able to measure the amount of hemoglobin in a person’s face and deliver an accurate pulse reading within just five seconds!

In a statement about the tech, Fujitsu said, “One characteristic of hemoglobin in blood is that it absorbs green light. Based on this fact, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology that detects a person’s pulse by measuring changes in the brightness of the person’s face as blood flows through it.

“The technology starts to work by shooting video of a subject and calculating average values for the color components (red/green/blue) in a certain area of the face for each frame.

“Next it removes irrelevant signal data that is present in all three color components and extracts the brightness waveform from the green component.”

The fact that all of this can be done in just five seconds will make it particularly appealing as a security application, Fujitsu saying that it could prove very useful in flagging suspicious people at public events and airports.

The IT company says it plans to put the invention into practical use as early as next year, marketing it as a consumer product built in to mobile devices and PC webcams to help people monitor health and understand how it changes over time.

The Independent said that Fujitsu would present the new software at the General Conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers, which gets underway in Japan today.

– Anthony Carter

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