GameStop To Acquire ThinkGeek

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Posted 2 years ago


GameStop To Acquire ThinkGeekIf you’re an avid fan of the hip and nerdishly cool website ThinkGeek, the latest news concerning its new collaboration may be of some interest.

Word has gotten out that ThinkGeek and GeekNet, its parent company, will be acquired by the video game retail chain GameStop.

The news comes in a startling way; prior to this, it had seemed that discount clothing retailer and pop culture trinkets giant Hot Topic would be acquiring the company and website.

The reason for the switch?

GameStop won by the power of the dollar in offering more per share than Hot Topic did, at $20 as opposed to $17.50.

GeekNet chose to go with GameStop’s offer and paid a termination fee to Hot Topic for their trouble.

There aren’t many details to offer in terms of what a merger like this can bring, but it seems likely that GameStop has taken notice of the vast array of video game and tech products that ThinkGeek is famous for and wants to see how that expertise could be integrated into their stores.

And maybe that will also include ordering ThinkGeek products and having them available in GameStop locations for pickup.

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