GeeksPhone And Silent Circle Blackphone Safe From Prying?: We Want Answers

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Posted 4 years ago


GeeksPhone And Silent Circle Blackphone Safe From Prying?: We Want AnswersBlackphone is the name and privacy is the game. GeeksPhone and Silent Circle have partnered together to come up with a smartphone with the promise that it’s secure. In the wake of the world-at-large feeling spooked and invaded by the glut of news about governments, companies, and organizations gleaning sensitive personal data from device users, sans permission to do so from the individual, is what’s fueling this material want.

The exact science and manufacturing technique used to make a wonderfully and truly safe phone is hardly forthcoming from the Blackphone backers. It’s not expected that John Q Public will be given the Blackphone’s trade secrets, but the website offers nothing in the way of further insight into the internal workings of the Blackphone. It’s a major task to get an OS that is ahead of anything else that’s out there on the smartphone front.

What are the tools in the Blackphone’s Android-based OS, (called PrivatOS), and how are they to be employed?

What about the SIM card?

What about the baseband processor?

Both SIM card baseband processor and are in the hands of other organizations and the monitoring of these features often can’t be done via the OS.

Is this phone aimed at businesses, or for personal use?

To be truly secure, isn’t this going to cost thousands of dollars to purchase a single Blackphone?

It may be that this circle of geeks have bitten off more than they can chew.

I find it quite annoying that the website insists on you filling out a form, to be found at the bottom of the website. Is that what it takes to get information?

It could be said, the makers of the Blackphone have us in the dark at the moment.

Rich Casale


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