Gesture Based Email App Evomail Arrives on Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Gesture Based Email App Evomail Arrives on Android

There are a number of new email apps trying to bring a different take on the traditional email service at the moment; Evomail is one of them and it has just arrived on Android.

Having originally launched as an email client for iPad, Evomail was eventually optimized for iPhone, and the smaller screen experience has meant that Android was a natural progression for the startup.

Evomail seems to be influenced by the likes of Sparrow and Mailbox in terms of its use of gesture as a way to improve email inbox productivity. With support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above, the app lets users take advantage of swiping to archive, label, and send messages to the trash. TechCrunch notes that there is also push notifications for new messages, folders and labels, and the ability to shake to press and hold to label, star, reply and forward.

The biggest standout of the feature set, however, is the option to snooze your email. This will come in handy for anyone that likes an empty inbox but has messages amongst those being cleared out that they might need to view. For anyone that has previously used the app on iPhone, you will notice that these features on Android are identical, but that is definitely no bad thing.

Evomail also offers a few good additions for customization, including the chance for users to have a personalized avatar and signature, as well as the option of customizing reading preferences and gestures.

The app has received some pretty solid reviews on iOS for having a simple interface and being easy to use, and given the fact that the Google Play version is identical, it bodes well for the future of Evomail on Android.

You can download Evomail now for free in the Google Play store. The app currently supports Gmail, Yahoo, and IMAP accounts only, but the developers have also promised that support for POP3 and Exchange will arrive within “the next few weeks”.

– Anthony Carter

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