Gigaom To Make Return Appearance

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Posted 2 years ago


Tech Blog Site Gigaom Closes AbruptlyThe pioneering tech industry journalism site, Gigaom, is now experiencing a bit of reincarnation.

The site, which startled many by having to cease operations on short notice this past March as reported earlier on this website, has been acquired by Knowingly.

According to reports, the Austin, Texas based startup company is set to relaunch the website on the fifteenth of August.

Outside of that fact, little else has been revealed as to how Gigaom will look when it is relaunched.

Laura Owen, the former managing editor, has stated that former staff writers have informed her that they had no knowledge of the site’s purchase. The entire staff was laid off once Gigaom shuttered its doors.

Byron Reese, Knowingly’s CEO, has gone on record to state that Gigaom will return to delivering the same pristine content it was known for.

But the combination of Reese’s prior position with Demand Media as “chief innovation officer” leaves room for speculation as to how valid that will be; Demand Media has gotten criticism for their websites’ move towards being “content farms” whose sole aim is to produce articles of lesser quality that are crafted to rank high in Google searches.

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