Gmail for Android to Feature Ads

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Posted 4 years ago

Gmail for Android to Feature AdsGoogle has been busy rolling out updates for several of its apps over the past week or so, presumably in preparation for the release of Android KitKat. One update that will be available sometime this week will be the newest version of the popular Gmail app; but, while a fresh app update is a good thing, one of the features included in v4.6 might not please the majority of Android users.

According to an APK teardown by the guys over at Android Police, Gmail for Android is set to feature ads. Advertisements have been available on most of Google’s products for quite a while, but until now, Gmail has managed to avoid them. The fact that the email app has remained ad-free is one of its selling points; however, this will no longer be the case.

The leaked changelog suggests that advertisements will be shown in the form of emails and users will have the choice whether to save, forward or dismiss.

Any time ads are introduced into an app, the general public reaction is one of anger, but it is not all bad news here. Google is also introducing a few pleasing features; firstly in the form of an unsent message warning in the ‘Sent’ box. The reminder will help notify users of any emails stuck in ‘Drafts’ so important messages are not left stranded.

App users will also be provided with a contact’s first initial when a picture is not available and Google will seemingly be removing the cancel option before sending an email and replacing it with a back button.

Lastly, Android Police notes that the user interface icons in version 4.6 will be darker than version 4.5. It is a very slight change, but one that adds to the appearance of the app.

Expect the new version of Gmail for Android to be landing in the Google Play Store sometime this week.

– Anthony Carter

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