Gmail Introduces New Themes And Emoji

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Posted 2 years ago


Gmail-Logo.png.CROP_.rectangle3-largeGoogle’s taken notice of your passion for emojis and guess what?

They’re going to make sure you have new ones waiting and available in your Gmail account.

The company made the announcement on Tuesday that it would introduce new emoji that would be similar to those that users employ on their mobile phones and in Google Hangouts.

The new updates to the emoji go hand in hand with the larger part of the update, which will give users hundreds of new choices for themes for their inboxes.

Users will still have the option to utilize their own images if they choose for the background.

The new themes package include high-resolution photographs submitted by Google users to the company.

And to sweeten the situation, users can take advantage of new custom options for the themes like a blur option and an option to add text to the background.

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