Gmail Now Offers “Undo Send” Feature

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Posted 2 years ago


Gmail-Logo.png.CROP_.rectangle3-largeThe email that we wished we didn’t send out.

It’s happened to many of us – typing up an email and clicking “send” before you finished a vital point.

Or perhaps you’ve fallen prey to the “reply all” situation at work that leaves everyone feeling a bit off-base.

Google has now added a new feature to its email service that could render those situations null and void.

The company announced that it had added a new feature to Gmail entitled ‘Undo Send.

The service comes after years of research and development, as well as some testing within Google Labs.

The Undo Send feature allows users to select a delay time ranging from five seconds to thirty seconds.

It’s available for both the mobile and desktop versions of Gmail.

In order to use it, you have to enable the action within your settings using the general tab.

This new feature may undoubtedly save a lot of people from some sitcom-esque situations.

Christopher A. Smith


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