Google and Starbucks Team up to Offer Free In-store All Access Music Streaming

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Posted 4 years ago

Google and Starbucks Team up to Offer Free In-store All Access Music StreamingGoogle has announced that it is partnering with coffee giant Starbucks to offer beverage-sipping customers free unlimited music streaming through the All Access service.

Posting on its Google+ page, a simple Android screenshot showed the notification that users will be greeted with when they connect to the network in a Starbucks coffee house. The company states that customers can enjoy full access to its huge library of songs while sitting down.

Of course, the service is already available for everyone to try out free of charge for a limited period, and it is not yet know whether Google will offer the promotion outside of the regular time frame. Currently, users of Google Play All Access can listen to unlimited music free for 30 days, after which the trial period ends and $7.99 a month is required ($9.99 if you sign up after June 30) to sign up.

Users logging on to the network are greeted with the message: “Coffee is even better with free music. Enjoy unlimited songs while you’re sipping away.” They are then given the option to “Connect and try it for free” or skip.

Whether the promotion is merely a campaign to encourage people to sign up to the service and enjoy music away from their favorite coffee shop, or is indeed free to Starbucks customers, All Access is certainly going to be seen by many people.

The news will come as a blow to Apple, which has recently released its own music streaming service and signed up to a deal of its own with Starbucks back in 2007, offering users access iTunes and the option of downloading songs quickly and easily from the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi service. Apple’s service began with a few thousands stores, before expanding to all of them. It is likely that Google has made this promotion available to all stores immediately.

– Anthony Carter

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