Google And Their Gaggle Of Robots

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Posted 4 years ago


Google And Their Gaggle Of RobotsBoston Dynamics are a military robotics firm, with ongoing contractual ties to DARPA/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and they have joined ranks with Google.

The Chocolate Factory now has 8 robotic firms in its flank, with Boston Dynamics becoming the 8th one.

The question that has arisen is obvious. What does all this botcentric-thinking hold?

Andy Rubin, who is responsible for the robot division at Google made this ponderous statement in a tweet: “The future is looking awesome”.

Having witnessed myself, the video of a buzzing insect-looking quadruped robot galloping and turning with the noisiest, what I’ll hazard to guess was a motor, buzz — has left this writer a bit bedazzled but aiming to probe this subject further. The drones, the crystal barges, and now the robots — of big companies, in general — making headlines has upped the ante on this question:

So what now?

Rich Casale


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