Google Barge Is Portal To The Future

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Barge Is Portal To The FutureThe virtual world is about to merge with the real world.

A brick-and-mortar crystalline vessel just offshore of at least one major city via Google’s mysterious barge sightings, is taking shape. The artist’s rendering is up and one glimpse at the structure may have you, like I have, imagine a port in the San Francisco Bay where everyone has on their Google Glass and the virtual and actual world have become one.

Judging by looks alone, this ship looks to be seafaring as well as space faring! The one word I see emitting form everyone’s lips in focused unison is “wow”.

Erected from recycled shipping containers and housing ginormous sail-like structures, Google admittedly will play host to “interactive space(s) where people can learn about technology”. 1,000 guests a day, some staying as long as a month as the barge plans port of calls at Angel Island, Richmond, Fort Mason, etc. with plans of gliding over to San Diego and other stops on the United States’ West Coast.

Google has a lot to do to pull off this feat. We can only imagine the brainstorming going on around the California-planted barge as well as the mysterious Google X HQ (headquarters) as CEOs and staff forge forward on what is surely one of the most ambitious business projects ever undertaken by modern human society.

Google still has miles of red tape, paperwork and construction to do before some of us get to embark on the seas of imagination and futuristic smart wares as we set sail unto a new cosmos.

Rich Casale


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