Google Barge Mystery Solved

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Barge Mystery SolvedFor those following the story about the mysterious barge belonging to Google Glass, we now know what it is for. It’s a luxurious floating showroom for Glass and other Google projects that are ongoing.

The mystery was fueled thanks to the already mysterious Google X, the secret location that houses a facility where Google’s brainstorming ideas go on. For instance, Google came up with the self-driving car at the unspecified Google X HQ.

The barge in question is harbored just east of San Francisco, California, at a pier on Treasure Island. The original story also spoke of  another barge spotted in a different city.  It turns out there is another Google barge sitting pretty in the waters off Portland Maine.

Google has VIPs who come to visit in luxury as the company tries to outdo Apple and their beautiful retail outlets.

Now who would have thunk it?

Rich Casale


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