Google Begins Pushing Search Based Shopping Results to Smartphone Users

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Posted 4 years ago

Google Begins Pushing Search Based Shopping Results to Smartphone UsersIf you are a regular user of Google search on desktops and tablets, and the odds suggest you probably are, you may have noticed a “Shop on Google” section appearing at the top of certain search queries. Now, the company has announced that these Product Listing Ads will begin showing on smartphones too.

In a post on the Google AdWords blog yesterday, the search giant revealed the push, saying the they are “pleased to announce that Product Listing Ads are now eligible to appear on smartphones globally, extending the shopping experience already available on desktops and tablets.”

When searching for a product from your phone (Google uses the example of a plaid tie) you are greeted with a small “Shop on Google” bar and several thumbnails displaying paid ads. Once you click on this section, you are redirected to the shopping page, which will see results change from the traditional organic format to a commercial one, featuring product name, pricing and the purchase website. The results give the chance for the user to compare images, reviews and shipping options, as well as being able to customize the search to filter options based on price or products nearby.

Google Shopping was introduced last year to replace organic shopping results and the company says it is rolling the feature out across the globe, although the results are not yet showing on all keywords. The service is definitely a good one for users and improves the online shopping experience; however, as The Next Web reported last year, Google Shopping has not been great news for start-up companies like Etsy, who were forced to invest $250K in Google Product Listing Ads to ensure sellers were not hit by declining traffic.

Google is recommending that sellers that have yet to upgrade Product Listing Ads do so as soon as possible to increase product exposure and manage bids across all devices and time zones. For more information on Google Shopping and Enhanced Campaigns, Google is hosting a webinar on March 14 at 10 am PT (1 pm ET).

– Anthony Carter

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