Google+ Brings New Features to iOS with Update

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Posted 4 years ago


Google+ Brings New Features to iOS with UpdateiDevice-owning Google+ users can now enjoy several new features (and the obligatory bug fixes) thanks to a new app update.

The first, and probably the most significant, new feature rolled out by Google, is the ability to upload camera roll photos and videos to the cloud in full resolution. As long as you have enough cloud storage available, the Google+ app will now allow you to share your photos and home videos in all their glory within your circles. Alternatively, if you prefer not to share them, uploads can be added to a private album on Google+ Photos.

Google+ offers a decent 15 GB of storage, which makes the feature a good cloud online backup solution. However, it is only available to iOS 7 users, so you’ll need to upgrade your firmware to benefit.

If you are not a photographer and you’re not an iOS 7 user, there are still some other features to make updating worthwhile.

First, Google+ has introduced, a Find My Friends-like feature that allows location sharing and displays the whereabouts of friends on a map. The feature also lets you select who is and who is not displayed, which will help if you have many people in your circles.

Secondly, using Google Translate, the app is able to automatically detect supported languages and translate text automatically, improving your experience as a reader. Finally, improvements have been made to the interface with a freshly designed notification tray.

If you are on iOS 6 and above, Google+ version 4.6.0 is available to download from the Apple App Store now. If you are an iOS 7 users, the full resolution backup feature will work automatically.

– Anthony Carter


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