Google “Buy” Button To Launch Soon

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Posted 2 years ago


GooglelogoA potential move by Google that has raised a great deal of speculation from observers (including our first reports) looks as if it will become a reality.

Omid Kordestani, Google’s chief business officer, confirmed in an interview at the Code Conference held recently in California that they will implement a “buy” button within their search results.

The new feature is intended to provide ammunition for Google in a battle with retail sites like Amazon and eBay for consumers.

Outside of appearing in search results, Kordestani was publicly mum about other details except to say that the launch is fast approaching as he also touched on Android’s profitability in the interview.

The “buy” button’s purpose has been a source of speculation since word about it first leaked earlier in the month.

The chatter describes the possibility of the button appearing with shopping related results with sponsors.

When a user clicks on an item they’d like to buy using the button, they would then be taken to a page displaying the item and all other pertinent details.

The page itself would still primarily be linked to the original retailer, with Google being a gateway point.

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