Google Chrome: ‘It’s Lockdown Time’

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Chrome: 'It's Lockdown Time'Not enough security for Google Chrome passwords is raising a ruckus. The plan is to add a layer or two of extra security padding.

If we look at the most recent Chrominium construct for OS X, users are given a choice that necessitates them to identify correctly with their computer’s system password  which gets them within easy reach of the list of stored passwords.

Google has come under fire for not clarifying that their information can be easily retrieved from their personal computers.

Now the question has arisen as to whether Google is going to lock down your computer when you are not at the helm. After all, Chrome’s best minds argue that — get this — this is quite outrageous; that protecting the list with a password would create: “A false sense of security and encourage risky behavior”.

The topic of PC security always seems to bring out the best and the worst in both users and computer/web company staffers. Paranoia vs. the real need to bolt everything down to the floorboards is really what this Google Chrome issue is about.

Rich Casale


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