Google Debuts On The Apple Watch With News & Weather App

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Posted 2 years ago


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For those who own Apple’s Watch, searching for a way to get their news on the go, Google has made that possible with their very first app for the device.

The Google News & Weather App, with an estimated database of 65,000 sources, recently made its debut in the iTunes store. With the app, users can get their up-to-date news complete with time stamps and original source links right on their wrist. However, users may discern a couple of stylistic differences between this version and the original.

The iWatch version is essentially bare bones in terms of color and presentation, opting to deliver all news in text form. The weather feature boasts data obtained from, although initial press reports note that there was no data present in the early release of the app. And the app also doesn’t the news as full articles on the Watch. But all news can be saved to the Safari browser using the Force Touch process on the device. It remains to be seen as to what improvements Google will make in the next app update, but it bears watching.

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