Google Explores The Deep With Underwater Street Views

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Posted 2 years ago


Google Adds Dubai To Street ViewOnce again, Google demonstrates its willingness to go and capture the unexplored parts of the globe using one of their more popular tools.

Its latest update now includes 40 new images detailed as “special street views” that capture the enthralling wonders of the ocean.

In addition to these photographs, there are also videos that give the user various aquatic experiences such as swimming with huge humpback whales off of the Cook Islands and walking along the beach in Samoa.

This new update by the Street View team was done in concert with the Catlin Seaview Survey, the Chagos Conservation Trust and the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries as part of the Google Earth Outreach project.

The project was initiated as a partnership between Google and Catlin to monitor some of the planet’s most remote underwater habitats in 2012.

In a statement on the update, Google said of the technology used: “Each image in Google Maps is a GPS-located digital record of these underwater and coastal environments, which can be used as a baseline to monitor change over time.”

The photos and videos are meant to also heighten awareness of the effects of global warming on these habitats, with demonstrations of the bleaching effect the climate change has had on the Great Barrier Reef as an example.

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