Google Fudges On Telling Us The Acquisition Price Of New Security Team, Impermium

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Fudges On Telling Us The Price Of New Security Team, ImpermiumHas Google acquired the staff or has it acquired the technology of Impermium? A not-uncommon tactic is to take a start-up like the security team at Impermium precisely for the purpose of plucking it’s most resourceful and talented employees and adding them to their ranks. That could obscure the course of announcing a sales figure for adding Impermium’s talents, as Google’s fudging on this topic lends itself to the school of thought of a quasi-acquisition. If that last mono-syllabic jumble of a word seems vague, so be it Google’s burden to be more specific.

Google is not talking about the price they have paid. That’s the bottom line.

Evasively using the word “joining” and “welcoming”, Google has had only these niceties, so far,  as explanation for the inclusion of Impermium to its ranks. Just days ago, it was easily plastered by the press that Google’s billions in cash were stockpiled and handed over to acquire the thermostats and smoke alarms expert firm, Nest in pursuit of “The Internet of Things”

One would deduce that if, indeed, Impermium are an acquisition that a sales figure would have been forthright and forthcoming along with this seemingly resplendent news that Google is going to get real tough on security, spam and other unwanted abuse in the PC user experience by “welcoming” the good guys at Impermium.

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